IOnline-Customer-Servicet’s no surprise that at Appeagle we believe that the key to a more effective, profitable business is tools. eCommerce  tools that help online sellers engage the marketplace, reprice their listings, analyze their competition and fulfill their orders. Many sellers know that these tools are crucial to maintaining a successful eCommerce business, especially when those sellers use Amazon, eBay or Rakuten Shopping to sell their items. What many sellers don’t know is that there are a wealth of fantastic customer service apps that can help you to manage customer interaction and feedback. These apps help online sellers keep their buyers happy and maintain a positive reputation in the marketplace. Because we think these apps are so important we put together a list of six of our favorite customer service apps.


This app allows customers to open help tickets whenever they have a problem. You can then respond and you can even enter predefined responses to cut down on time spent. You can then view all the activity on your tickets, conduct a search and it’s all in one handy app. The app costs $24/month and their mobile app is free.


This is an iPhone app for the open-source OTRS Help Desk System. Now you can access your tickets and answer concerned customers via email. You can also close tickets remotely, which is handy when you need to do customer service on the run. The other great thing about this app is that it’s absolutely free.

Satisfaction Remote

If you use the customer service platform Get Satisfaction, you will love this iPhone app. The platform and app are perfect for getting connected with your customer base. You can offer feedback, provide support and communicate with customers anytime and anywhere. This app is also free.


A help desk and support suite built-in-one, Kayako is perfect for keeping your customers satisfied no matter what problems they face. You get full-ticket management, the ability to make notes, time tracking, searching and support filters. Kayako the platform starts at $29/month, but the mobile app is completely free.


This app is actually an email composer that delivers answers to questions that are most asked by your customers. You also get to choose from a variety of opening and closing phrases and there are also images, maps and diagram options to further get your point across. Talk about customer service. This app costs $2.99.


This app converts your customers’ communications – emails, Twitter mentions, comments on your Facebook page – into support tickets. How handy is that? Your customers can also open tickets themselves. This app is a must-have for any seller that wants to keep on top of customer complaints. It also works on all mobile platforms.